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Feb 28,  · Easy win for the Lumia Cameras: HTC One vs Nokia Lumia - Neowin Cameras: HTC One vs Lumia - Windows Central Forums Switch to Verizon and save: Get a $ gift card and $ off a Pixel 3 XL. HTC M8 vs Nokia Lumia HTC M8. Nokia Lumia Design Display Performance Cameras Audio Battery Features. points. HTC M8. HTC M8. vs. HTC One Mini (M8) vs. Nokia Lumia vs. Nokia Lumia vs. HTC M8. vs. Huawei P Smart. vs. Optical image stabilization uses gyroscopic sensors to detect the vibrations of the camera. The. Camera comparison: HTC One vs Lumia vs iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S III vs Xperia Z vs Nexus 4 | by PhoneArena iPhone5 is the best "all around" camera, HTC One is superior at night/dark indoors and for video recording in general, GS3 is close to the iP5 but lags behind indoors, Z has weird purple tinging that ruins it, Lumia exhibits.

≫ HTC M8 vs Nokia Lumia What is the difference?

In March Samsung followed with their new flagship device, the Galaxy S4. While Samsung is betting on a 13MP horse, HTC, the second largest manufacturer of Android devices, is going the opposite way, equipping its HTC One top-end phone with an unusually low resolution 4MP sensor with large photosites which HTC calls "ultrapixels" and optical image stabilization OIS which, in theory, should result in improved low light capabilities.

However, Google's Android OS is of course not your only option if you are currently in the market for a smartphone with good imaging capabilities. Apple's iPhone 5 and the Nokia Lumia have been on the market for a while and successors are no doubt in the pipeline, but for now these devices are more than valid options for iOS and Windows Phone users, respectively. Arguably the most interesting new Android devices, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One are finally available for purchase - and crucially at last in our office - so we put them head-to-head with the established competition from Apple and Nokia.

Here is an overview of our competitors in this shootout and their key photographic specifications:. For the purpose of this shootout we have taken sample images in a variety of "real-life" situations and in our controlled studio environment.

This article comprises of four pages with the following content:. The phones were mounted on a tripod using an iStabilizer smartphone holder and all images where shot from the same position. Looking at the four samples above there are some obvious differences in terms of contrast and saturation. The Samsung, htc one vs nokia 920 camera, HTC and Nokia all produce very saturated and contrasty images, with the Nokia almost going slightly over the top.

The iPhone captures a more natural image, with less saturated colors and visibly lower contrast. The HTC One looks the sharpest at a pixel-level but this is due to a combination of the low pixel count and pretty strong sharpening.

However, with its 13MP sensor the Samsung, at least in good light, simply captures more detail. All the cameras here struggle with low-contrast detail, even at low ISOs and in good light. This is very visible on all the trees and foliage in the scene. However, the Nokia's mix of heavy noise reduction and sharpening looks worse than the rest up close. The Apple and Samsung arguably offer the best balance between noise reduction and sharpening here.

This outdoor portrait was shot hand-held in the shade, with consistent camera-subject distance. In these portraits we can see the same differences in saturation and contrast as in the landscape shot above, but there is also some exposure variance.

The HTC has produced a darker image than the rest while the iPhone's image is the brightest. In this light situation Auto White Balance has produced a slightly blue cast on all htc one vs nokia 920 camera. Despite all devices keeping the sensitivity low in this low contrast situation, all images suffer from a loss of fine detail through noise reduction. The sharpening on both the Nokia and HTC is very strong, resulting in a punchy but slightly unnatural look. Again, the iPhone and Samsung show a better balance of noise reduction and sharpening, but ultimately the Samsung captures slightly more image information than the Apple device.

This is another portrait shot, taken hand-held in bright sunlight, to see how the cameras deal with skin tones in contrasty lighting conditions.

Again, all cameras were set to Auto modes. Again, the HTC captures a slightly darker image than the iPhone with the Samsung and Nokia falling in between, but overall exposure is within acceptable limits on all devices. All cameras struggle with the bright highlights caused by the reflection of the sun on the subject's skin. On the Samsung, Apple and Nokia the red channel is clipping, resulting in blown out areas on the skin. The Apple iPhone is the worst offender here. The HTC One, on the other hand, is the only camera here to capture maximize ipad 3 battery life of the highlight detail which indicates that its large photosites can capture an additional amount of highlight range over the higher resolution competition.

I checked the manual, contacted Samsung, and checked the www. Strangely enough, on www. HTC One: Army of two" review makes the same mistake, htc one vs nokia 920 camera.

It's like once a reviewer makes a statement it spreads like its a fact. Love your reviews. I'll be upgrading in the next week or two and I'm having a hard time deciding between the Samsung Galaxy S4. Not quite accurate. This means that it analyzes the image data outside of the "visible" part of the frame in order to include the appropriate "window" in each and every frame captured. This is different from OIS, where specialized "gyro" like sensors adjust the image tilt. Great review Dpr and pretty much shows they are all very close, htc one vs nokia 920 camera.

I have an HTC sensation which produces reasonable images but is now old tech and find my even older Pentax X90 still out performs other than app generated effects.

Finally, a proper review of these camera phones; answering questions that people really want answers for and saving the marketing chatter at bay, htc one vs nokia 920 camera.

I don't think too many users print their smartphone images but you can of course always download the original images and print them at the size you want them. Great features! Wow, the most informed, detailed and objective current-gen camera phone comparison on the net, htc one vs nokia 920 camera. Great job. Would be great if in the low light section, the low light mode was included for comparison as well. Please do more of these camera phone comparisons! Thanks, htc one vs nokia 920 camera, that's what we like to hear :- Yes, will do more of those as we get more devices in and we are looking to improve the format as we go along, so many thanks for your suggestion On the Nokia you cannot htc one vs nokia 920 camera it off anyway but on both the Nokia htc one vs nokia 920 camera HTC the two phones that have IS in this comparison it doesn't have any effect when shooting on a tripod.

How did you manage to get such bad images. I do better with a Nokia Well, at least it was a real life scenario and I'm hoping that dpreview will do more comparisons and I'd love to have each phone camera tested exactly like the real cameras and that one can then choose to compare them like you do here:. I can't talk about all four, but I can tell you why I chose and am very happy with the Nokia -- the stabilization.

LIke many of us, as we get older, our hands shake more. WIth my iPhone 4s which I've read as having equal or perhaps a better output than the 5I was having more and more issues with motion blur. After reading initial reviews last fall, I got a and am VERY pleased with the quality of the photos.

I generally prefer no-flash available light photography, and the fits the bill. Colors can be fooled sometimes, and for contrasty scenes, placement of the focus point is really important. Flash can be iffy from an exposure aspect. This alone helps with the image stability. I don't know why all these so-called camera phones don't include this feature. I love this comparison. For those who value quality images, and will have the phone with them all the time, this sort of comparison is WAY WAY more valuable than individual reviews.

The picture-taking ability is critical. They can all make calls, and get mail, browse the web. Glad to see you find this type of comparison useful. Some other readers mentioned they were interested in a video comparison, so we will definitely look into that. I'm trying to choose my next smartphone and I want to take great pictures with it, mostly indoor shots.

However, I have shaky hands and a lot of my images tend to blur. I also don't want to constantly take multiple pictures to get a useable one or have to mess with and experiment with settings. They are all time consuming and the best moments don't wait around for you to frame your shot with the best adjusted settings. Which one of these phones takes the best photos the first time around and is the most consistent and well-rounded on auto mode? All the shots in the article were taken in Auto mode, so that gives you a good idea of how the phones perform in that mode.

In terms of best auto mode performance in low light and flash I think the HTC One would be the one to look at. Apart from the camera it is also a lovely phone. You have to live with the low resolution though which is not a problem if you use your photos mainly for sharing and social media etc. Thank you for the reply. I am very happy that there are professional level responses to comment questions.

It is also great to see camera analysis for smartphones on a more professional scale. Most phone sites take very bad pictures, have no scientific method at all, and are heavy biased towards whatever fanbase they cater to.

I find it very interesting that the flame wars and fervor between smartphone brands doesn't have an equivalent in the dedicated camera world. I haven't found any Canon vs Nikon vs Sony fanboys yet! It's probably the more technical and niche nature of photography. Smartphones are pretty pedestrian. I'll probably get the Lumia It has the best OIS of the bunch so that should translate to better shaky shots? And it is the cheapest among the four.

Well, yes the Lumia should be available at a discount by now as it's been out for a while and the Windows Phone OS is nice if you're not invested in htc one vs nokia 920 camera Google or iOS eco-systems. Just be aware that you won;t have the same selection of apps as on the other systems. And thank you for your kind words. Htc one vs nokia 920 camera comment about the fanboys made me smile a little. You might find one or two of those if you dive deep enough into our forums I think there are also phones with a real flash.

This "strobe" will freeze the action much better than any LED will. If my memory serves me correctly, only the pureview Nokias htc one vs nokia 920 camera a proper flash; all others are LED due to the race to make the thinnest possible phone. That way, when she asks me to print a photo, I will not have to take the time to make it printable, even at 4x6.


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HTC One vs Nokia Lumia & Camera Comparison. Both are worthy competitors in the camera department. But the focus points are all over the place. Camera comparison: HTC One vs Lumia vs iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S III vs Xperia Z vs Nexus 4 | by PhoneArena iPhone5 is the best "all around" camera, HTC One is superior at night/dark indoors and for video recording in general, GS3 is close to the iP5 but lags behind indoors, Z has weird purple tinging that ruins it, Lumia exhibits. What is the difference between Nokia Lumia and HTC One S? Find out which is better and their overall performance in the smartphone ranking.